Wenger Dithers While Emirates Burns?Prem Madness

The transfer cacaphony has not abated, and nor has our sickness over Arsenal‘s dithering. Wenger primarily to blame? Do Gooners even want Suarez or Rooney? Gareth Bale is as good as gone from Spurs. Or is he? Yes, he is. Soldado, then? Okay, enough on transfers, our heads hurt. In terms of player selections we can control, our choice for fantasy this year is the newly revamped Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League because the rules are a bit different than most fantasy games and we enjoy those twists. What are you playing and has the obsessive tinkering already begun?


The NWSL playoff picture is is solidifying, and after a bit of a swoon for the top squads, things are looking nearer the pre-season expectations. For Thorns FC, this has much to do with the return of midfielder Tobin Heath. We don’t believe her to be the best midfielder in women’s soccer (that might be Lauren “Chensaw” Cheney), and like Pia, we don’t even think she’s peaked yet, but she’s damned good. While we’re on that subject, anyone keeping up with the league but not following Richard Farley is missing out; he is owning coverage of the nascent league. Props to Jeff Kassouf at the Equalizer, as well.

Also, while we’re in the spirit of growing the women’s game, go here and take this survey to help good things happen. And go watch the Women’s Euros. Now. Current title-holders zee Germans just eliminated their Swedish hosts and they seem intent on making up for slightly underperforming at WC11. If ever you doubt them, check out manager Silvia Neid’s player picture from the ’80s. Hard. Core. No. Joke.

USMNT / Gold Cup

Landon Dominantovan has assuredly passed his “tryout” for Jurgen “Fashionista” Klinsmann, hasn’t he? He’s certainly entertaining us. The Gold Cup form of the Americans has been ascendant, for sure, but have they found the right formula? Perhaps. Perhaps not. One thing is certain, we’re growing to like Kyle Beckerman, white-dude dreads and all. We’ve been tough on him in the past, but he has been Mr. Steady in the middle for these matches.

Expect the US Men to face their toughest test yet against Honduras, literally and figuratively. Hopefully the return of enforcer Jermaine Jones will keep Los Catrachos honest. We’d love to see a 4-3-2-1 with Eddie Johnson up top, especially since he takes only 14 seconds to score. However, perhaps the Yanks will falter in the awful conditions at We Hate Soccer Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Grass in Jerryworld is shameful.

Oh yeah, here in Charm City, we got a lot of questions about why Sunday’s Gold Cup matches in Baltimore were so heavily attended by El Salvador fans. Grant Wahl has the scoop.


There is a downside to emerging as a difference-maker on the pitch and Darlington Nagbe is learning this the hard way. Speaking of downsides, Chivas USA is a complete disgrace and HBO’s Real Sports recently dug into why and let’s just say that Alexi Lalas should feel mighty vindicated as he’s been saying these things (and more) for ages. Don Garber and MLS are going to need to deal with this soon or it could be a blight that besmirches the rest of the league. Lalas recently tweeted: “Knowing @TheSoccerDon, it’s driving him nuts to follow legal advice and not comment on Chivas USA discrimination allegations.”

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